May 3, 2018

Episode 101 – For the Relief of Nauvoo Society plus Kate Kelly

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On this episode, the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo is finally established. We walk through the set and setting of Nauvoo in early 1842 being built on nothing more than credit. Men are the providers, while women are tasked with home chores, raising children, and maybe doing a small money-making hobby on the side to keep the house afloat. We discuss women’s roles in 19th-century America and how early feminism caused small movements to rise long before the official beginning of the Women’s Era. We read through the meeting minutes of the foundation of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo when Emma Hale Smith was elected President. We speculate on Joseph’s intentions when it was first organized and opine on how stagnant and solidified Mormon doctrine today is in comparison to Nauvoo Mormonism of 1842. What does it take to change Mormon doctrine today? We invite on Kate Kelly to discuss her history with the Ordain Women movement.

Relief Society minute book
History of Relief Society
Joseph Smith Journal May 1842
Ordain Women into priesthood
Masonic Adoption rite
Mormon Law of Adoption
Emmeline B. Wells A Voice for Mormon Women by Carol Cornwall Madsen
Women in Masonry
History of Women’s Freemasonry
Order of the Eastern Star Robert Morris 1850
Kate Kelly
The Fern Foundation Short Creek Service Project

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