September 7, 2018

Episode 119 – Bennett’s Brothel Gets Dumped

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On this episode, we continue rooting around in the muck of the underbelly of Nauvoo Mormonism. We discuss the primary catalyst that caused Bennett to be so opposed to Joseph Smith. With rampant rumors of adultery, Crazy Willey Smith pens “The Truant Husband” with a pleasant little PSA to all the “midnight watchers” in Nauvoo. We discuss the role of women’s organizations and the social context in which they rose by examining Emma’s claims that “Benevolence” societies were corrupt. Then we get into the seedy and vague history of Nauvoo brothels and temperance.


We are Engaged as a Band of Sister by Ruth Alexander

Ladies Bountiful by Keith Medler

Relief Society Minute Book

Times & Season November 1841

FairMormon Bennett’s Brothel

The Wasp edited by William Smith

Temple Lot depositions

The Saintly Scoundrel Bennett Timeline

Joseph H. Jackson expose 1844

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