May 4, 2017

Episode 51 – Force and Inertia

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On this episode, we discuss just how terrible the winter of 1838-1839 was for the Mormons, especially for the incarcerated leadership. The Saints were forcefully removed from Missouri and landed in temporary refugee camps along the Mississippi, settling a little town called Quincy, IL. Jo, Hyrum, Rigdon, McRae, Baldwin, and Wight are all wasting away in Liberty Jail until Doniphan gets cert for an habeus corpus hearing. Rigdon pulls out the ol’ preacher moves and sways the congregation to release him; even in his fractured mental state, he’s still got it. We end the episode with a brief wrap up of the Mormon history tour as well as ReasonCon.


LDS History article “Within the Walls of Liberty Jail”

Patience Delila Pierce Palmer personal history

Jeffrey Holland – Lessons from Liberty Jail

Chris Nemelka (Marvelous Work and a Wonder)

​Shawn McCraney (Heart of the Matter)

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