September 14, 2017

Episode 68 – Motivations of a Broken Mind

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On this episode, we jump right in to adding an incredible well of depth to the character of Joseph Smith by reading a number of excerpts from William Morain’s “The Sword of Laban, Joseph Smith and the Dissociated Mind”. The excruciating pain from his childhood leg surgery coupled with the death of his eldest brother in his late teens had significant impacts on Jo’s psyche, baggage he would carry for the rest of his life. Maybe we can understand the inner-workings of a broken mind by viewing decisions Jo made through child’s eyes. Jo calls the Quorum of the Twelve home from their mission in England but permits Parley P. Pratt (P-cubed) to tarry a bit longer to continue his publishing duties with the Liverpool Book of Mormon and the Millennial Star. The economic outlook for Nauvoo looked good on the surface at the end of 1840, but the whole thing was built on credit and there was a jobs vacuum affecting every Mormon who chose to settle roundabout. After that we invite recurring correspondent, Ryan McKnight, for a Mormon Leaks Minute before dealing with some listener feedback.

The Sword of Laban by William Morain M.D.
Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt
MLM BYU Francis Bernard Video
John Whitmer History Association
Mythicist Milwaukee

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