November 16, 2017

Episode 77 – An Army to Raise a Temple

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On this episode, we bring somebody into our timeline who will become an important dissenting voice against the Mormons throughout the rest of their years in Nauvoo, Thomas Coke Sharp. Raised by a Methodist preacher and learned in all things anti-Mormon, Thomas Sharp’s paper will become an interesting source of Mormon history moving forward through our timeline. After that, Jo gathers the entire Mormon population on the highest hill in town in a grand spectacle to dedicate the plot for the Nauvoo Temple, complete with the Nauvoo Legion parading around town in uniform and thousands of spectators. Newspaper outlets around the country pick up the story and all eyes turn to the Mormons’ new kingdom on the Mississippi. To round out the show for today, we’ll have on Ryan McKnight to discuss a Mormon leak and an exciting announcement that patrons heard in the exclusive Patreon only feed last week.

United Methodist Church History
Literacy Rates in early America
Thomas Sharp
Warsaw Signal archive
News Articles related to Mormons
From Priesthood to Pretty
Weird Alma Mormon Parody extraordinaire
Mormon Leaks and NEW Faith Leaks

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