January 11, 2018

Episode 85 – Mormon Titan

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On this episode, we pickup the timeline in early April 1841 with Joseph being sealed to Louisa Beaman, his first polygamist wife in Nauvoo. We introduce the Beaman family and discuss Joseph Bates Noble at length to learn how he came to be in the circle of elites in Nauvoo. Jo must have trusted Noble to let him officiate the wedding between Jo and Louisa. After that, we construct a proper framework for how we’ll be advancing through the remainder of Nauvoo. There’s so much to cover in these few years, but we can’t lose sight of the real goal, building Zion in the great West, beyond the scope and control of the oppressive U.S. Government.

Louisa Beaman Biography
Alvah Beaman Biography
Joseph Bates Noble Autobiography
Joseph Noble 1892 Temple Lot Deposition

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