January 18, 2018

Episode 86 – Talos’ Temple Crown

On this episode, Jo and friends have been busy for the first week of April 1841. We examine Jo’s enclave of Nauvoo through the eyes of the most pressing business to be handled through the April General Conference. Rigdon steps aside to make room for John Wreck-it Bennett to be Jo’s left-hand man, the magnitude of the Nauvoo Temple project is realized, and the leadership fills the pesky vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve and other prominent leadership bodies left by the deaths of David Patten and others. After that we jump into a new segment to talk about the larger scope of Mormon prophetic succession practices in light of the new leadership called to fill the vacancy left by Thomas Monson’s death.

Hiram Abiff
Mormon history timeline
D&C 124
Book of the Law of the Lord
Baptism for Dead
Origin of the Baptism for the Dead Doctrine
April 1841 Conference
Hyrum Smith

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