February 1, 2018

Episode 88 – Joseph Smith Arrested… Again

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On this episode, we pick up with giving Wilford Woodruff his very own NaMo nickname. After that we jump into the historical timeline following the Q12 on their journey from Liverpool to New York and the great tempests and near death they faced. Then we zoom back in to Nauvoo to see what Jo and friends were up to while the Quorum was on their way back. ThomAss Sharp fires some shots across the bow of the Mormons’ Times and Season, and the Mormons fire back. After that we’re joined by a children’s book author who offers some insight to his method of teaching children a love for science and skepticism.


Manuscript History of Brigham Young

Willard Richards

Times and Season 1841

Warsaw Signal

Annabelle & Aiden Children’s science books

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