March 15, 2018

Episode 94 – Purging Any Opposed Plus Lydia Finch

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On this episode, we dive into our historical timeline by examining the power of the press in early Mormonism. From the BoM to the Times and Seasons, the Mormons were publication fiends in absolute control of the information going out of Nauvoo through public literature. Ebenezer Robinson, Robert B. Thompson, and Don Carlos Smith work as editors for the Times and Seasons which goes off without a hitch until August 1841. Polygamy starts to be taught to various members of trusted Mormon elite without Common Consent of the average chapel-attending Mormon. After that, we have on Lydia Finch to discuss cults, how to identify them, and what mechanisms they use to exert control over their members. Stick around after the interview to hear about the upcoming Protect LDS Children march at the end of this month.


D&C 101 1835 ed. (monogamy revelation)

Agnes Coolbrith Bio

Eliza Snow Funeral Procession Poem

Identifying the Earliest Mormon Polygamists

The Saintly Scoundrel by Andrew F. Smith

John C. Bennett History of the Saints

Ebenezer Robinson Biography

History of Nauvoo Printing Office

Joseph Smith’s Brothers by Richard Lloyd Anderson

Lydia Finch:

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