April 6, 2018

Episode 97 – Lawsuits, Politics, and Temples

On this episode, we take a step back and try to view the recent headlines with a little bit of historical perspective. From the current rape scandal, to general conference, to the Protect LDS Children march, we try to put historical context on everything which happened this past week. We’ll resume our historical timeline of early Mormonism next week, this week it’s just journalism surrounding the modern SLC Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Stop Protecting Sexual Predators
Protect LDS Children YouTube Channel
Jonathan Streeter Thinker of Thoughts
Oaks Christofferson on Trib Talk
General Conference Sunday Session
Russel M. Nelson ‘Ministering’ Priesthood Session
Quentin L. Cook ‘non-consensual immorality’ 8:00
Mormon ‘non-consensual immorality’ reddit megathread
McKenna Denson v. Joseph Bishop & LDS Inc.
$40 mil/year in humanitarian aid
Mormon Leaks ‘In which they discuss politics with Senator Gordon Smith
History of MTCs
Dallin Oaks Small and Simple Things
Dan Coats Director of National Intelligence
Dan Coats non-profit philanthropic organization
Dan Coats Mending Fences
Church Statements on Separation of Church and State
Ambassador John Huntsman Jr.
Dallin Oaks Criticism

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