February 8, 2018

​Episode 89 – Pass Go Collect 60 Bodyguards

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On this episode, we give Willard Richards his very own NaMo Nickname and read his whitewashed history of Jo’s arrest and court hearing in June of 1841. Jo had found some way to squirrel himself out from under nearly every legal trouble with which he was accused since he’d started the religion 11 years prior to this and his lawyers saw it fit to stick with the trend. We discuss how the trial of the prophet was seen by local periodicals and the Warsaw Signal’s reaction to the increasing political power wielded by Jo and the church. After that we have on Gottfried to discuss Isaiah in the Book of Mormon from a nuanced perspective and finish up with a very brief listener mail segment spurring a much-needed correction.


Missouri Joint Fact-Finding Committee report

Stephen A. Douglas: The Political Apprenticeship by Reg Ankrom

Times & Seasons June 1841

Warsaw Signal 1841 archive

Calvin (Charles) Warren, Esq.

1841 Growing Conflict in Illinois

Joseph Smith and the Criminal Justice System

Nauvoo Charter

1841 articles Missouri News Articles

1841 Quincy Whig

MyBoM Episode 190 – Gottfried Comment

Isaiah Variants in BoM

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