October 25, 2019

Episode 178 – William Judas Law; Rat Patrol

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On this episode, we discuss the Nauvoo Police Force and the perpetuation of the Danite system of law. Joseph Smith was afraid there may be a Judas or Brutus in the ranks of Mormon leadership and pointed the finger at William Law. Law becomes the focus of an assassination attempt, which he became aware of through a Danite who didn’t keep his mouth shut. An inquisition is held to determine if William Law is the “dough-headed” traitor in the ranks while spiritual wifery and Daniteism are discussed openly behind the closed door. How will William Brutus Marks fair in his tribunal? Tune in next week to find out!


An Interview with William Law

The Culture of Violence in Joseph Smith’s Mormonism by D. Michael Quinn

Nauvoo Expositor

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