April 6, 2020

Episode 201 – Nauvoo Expositor: A Hat Full of Money


On this episode, we examine the immediate aftermath of the Nauvoo Expositor being published. The Council of Fifty had some wonderfully grand plans for themselves and America. We spend a bit of time with the minutes to get a sense of what they had in mind. There were a lot of irons in the fire and many members of the Council of Fifty were all over the United States electioneering and taking high-level meetings for Joseph Smiths POTUS campaign. Once the Nauvoo Expositor was published, the city council deliberated for 5 hours about how to handle it. The contents of the Expositor were a great threat, but the greatest threat was that which was unknown. What would the next edition contain?


Council of Fifty Minutes

Memorial to Congress

JS Nauvoo Journal

Nauvoo City Council Minutes

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