August 11, 2016

CC – Mark Hofmann Part 1

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On this episode, we take a break from the historical timeline to examine a person that has been shrouded in mystery since making his way onto the Mormon historical scene in 1978; Mark Hofmann. He’s a man responsible for manufacturing an unknowable number of forgeries and selling them to the Church and other private collectors. All of his actions eventually lead up to 3 bombs going off, killing two people and severely injuring Hofmann himself. This is part one and it gets us up to the Salamander Letter in 1984, a year and a half before bombs start going off.

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Second Anointing

Joseph Smith III Blessing

Gordon B. Hinckley Conference Talk–epQ4wWIqN4rRifk&index=9

September 9, 1984 Deseret News “Church” section

Dallin Oaks CES Symposium defending Salamander letter

Tracking the White Salamander with color coded source texts of Salamander Letter’S INVESTIGATION

September 1, 1984 Deseret News article titled “Letter”