May 31, 2018

Episode 105 – Book of Abraham Logical Pt 1

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On this episode, we jump into the logical deconstruction of the Book of Abraham. We deal with the apologetic arguments made to claim the Book of Abraham is ‘historically plausible’. Historically plausible doesn’t mean probable or authentic, so what does it really mean? Can one believe in a book of scripture if it’s ‘historically plausible,’ even if that plausibility flies in the face of the historicity of the documents being authentic? We take apologist arguments line by line and systematically break them down into their constituent parts, hopefully arming you, the listener, with an arsenal of arguments against the historicity of the Book of Abraham.


Historical Plausibility: The Historicity of the Book of Abraham as a Case Study

MormonThink Book of Abraham essay

Stephen E. Thompson essay on BoA

Egyptology and the Book of Abraham Stephen E. Thompson

Joseph Smith Papers Egyptian materials

Translating the BoA in Joseph Smith Journal 1842

Translating Egyptian into grammar and alphabet in Joseph Smith journal

Egyptian grammar

Kerry Muhlstein Book of Abraham Challenges

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