April 19, 2018

Episode 99 – I’ve Had Enough Trouble with This Thing

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On this episode, we wrap up 1841 and get into early 1842. Jo revises the Book of Mormon and calls it the most correct book of any on the earth. Ebenezer Robinson’s belief in the morality of monogamy likely conflicts with his position as chief editor of the Times and Season so Brigham Young has to step in and stop that from being a problem. The book of Abraham is finally published and we discuss how many wives Jo took in the rest of 1841 and 1842 alone, his most active year in building his harem. After that we discuss a recent Deseret News headline reporting on President Nelson’s sermon to a congregation of Mormons in Kenya.


Ebenzer Robinson “Not Enough Trouble”

Ebenezer Robinson Autobiography

Manuscript History of Brigham Young

“The Return” edited by Ebenezer Robinson

Times and Seasons editorial roles

History of the Church vol. 4

Children of Joseph Smith

Church Membership Growth Rates

Record Low Baptism Rate

LDS Growth Trend Case Studies

Kenya Temples

Nelson – ‘Dowry is not the Lord’s way’

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