April 26, 2018

Episode 100 – Mormonism and Masonry Inextricably Tied

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On this episode, we dive into the world of Masonry and Mormonism. In 1842, Joseph ascended to Master Mason “at-sight,” and seven weeks later revealed his Temple Endowment ceremony. If we view more of Joseph Smith’s timeline, we find Masonry was highly influential on the prophet from his earliest years, long before the Book of Mormon ever entered the public sphere. Cheryl Bruno, who is currently writing a book on Mormonism and Masonry, joins us periodically to help us walk through the history of these intertwining fields of philosophy.


Regius Poem

History of Freemasonry

MormonThink on Masonry and Mormonism

William Morgan affair

Free Masonry its Pretensions Exposed

Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry Rev G. Oliver

Founding Fathers in Masonry

Age of Enlightenment and Freemasonry

Masonic Presidents

Scottish rite Order of High Priesthood

Order of Melchisedek

Mormon Endowment and Masonic Ascendency comparison

Mormonism and Freemasonry comparison

Occult and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism

Mason-Mormon ties: What’s fact, what’s fiction

Scott Gordon FairMormon Mormon Temples and Freemasonry

Mormon Expression 144-145

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Protect LDS Children documentary

Mormon Satan, Brother of Jesus

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