May 10, 2018

Episode 102 – Mother’s Day, The Virtues of Our Legacy

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On this episode, we take the opportunity of Mother’s Day to examine the life and struggles of some of the most prominent mothers throughout Mormon history. From Lucy Mack Smith caring for her children in ill health, to Mother Elizabeth Ann Whitney providing a home for Joseph and Emma when they first arrived in Kirtland, Ohio, and well beyond to the women who provided the caretaking, medicine, midwifery, and social structure to build each of the Mormon kingdoms. The actors may get the awards, but everybody else actually making the show run on the back end are often relegated to the footnotes section. Let’s bring them to life again. After that, we have on J.R. Becker with his new children’s book about the skeptical side of death. How do we have these tough conversations with our children when they inevitably arise? J.R. shares some of his personal experience and inspiration which led to his writing the Annabelle & Aiden series.


Michael Quinn Newel K. Whitney Family

Carol Cornwall Madsen Mormon Women and the Struggle for Definition

Elizabeth Ann Whitney

Timeline of Joseph and Emma Smith

Annabelle & Aiden

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