May 17, 2018

Episode 103 – Book of Abraham Physical Plus Jake Farr-Wharton

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On this episode, we begin a 3-part deconstruction of the Book of Abraham. We begin with the cultural realm captivated by Egyptian Antiquities with Napoleon’s discoveries and how such discoveries influenced minds in 19th-century America. We trace collections of papyri and artifacts being studied and exhibited all over the country right in Joseph Smith’s back yard. We briefly cover how the Church acquired the Egyptian Antiquities collection of mummies and papyri which later became the Book of Abraham as well as the translation process. After that we continue to follow the line of possession of the collection and how it came into the possession of the Brighamite LDS Church in November of 1967. After that we have on Jake Farr-Wharton of iFriends to talk about a recent article from the Sidney Morning Herald covering the Protect LDS Children campaign. Jake is followed by a brief “Angel’s Trumpet” segment about a recent headline from telling of the Church’s apology for institutionalized and doctrinal racism.

Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham
Stephen E. Thompson Essay on Book of Abraham
Egyptology and the Book of Abraham Stephen E. Thompson
Wilhelm Ritter von Wymetal Mormon Portraits
Book of Abraham MormonThink
Joseph Smith’s Scriptural Cosmology Brent Metcalfe and Dan Vogel

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