June 14, 2018

Episode 107 – Emma Hale Elect Lady

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On this episode, we take a time warp back to episode 2 to revisit an aspect of Mormon history largely ignored in our timeline to this point, Emma Hale Smith. Little of her own writings survive the years and she left no journal or diary. We’re forced to construct an image of Emma to live in our minds through other peripheral mentions in the hand of her closest friends and associates. We rediscover her timeline with the help of Mormon Enigma and catch up on her story leading up to the formation of the Nauvoo Female Relief Society.

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Mormon Enigma by Newell and Avery

Emma Hale Smith Bidamon biography

Smith Family

Lucy Mack Smith biography

Timeline of Joseph Smith

Fanny Alger

Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris

Children of Emma and Joseph Smith

God Awful Movies, Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration

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