July 13, 2018

Episode 111 – Queen Me! Endowment Ceremony Pt. 2

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On this episode, we dive into the women’s perspective of the endowment ceremony as introduced by Joseph and Hyrum Smith and streamlined by Brigham Young. We rely on exposes published after 1845 when thousands were initiated as the original endowment ceremony was successfully kept under wraps by the Mormon elite. What must it have been like for a woman to go through this mind-bending esoteric ritual culminating in the revelation on the growing practice of polygamy? We can’t possibly put our minds there, but it’s at least worth examining their writings and musing on in the meantime.


Maria Van Dusen 1849 Endowment expose

Emeline expose April 1846 Warsaw Signal

1847 original Van Dusen Expose

Nick Literski’s Endowment 1845/46

Temple Ceremony by Edward Ashment

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