August 10, 2018

Episode 115 – Bennett, Jo’s Kindred Scoundrel

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On this episode, we begin with discussing the rumor mill that was Nauvoo. The Relief Society, with Emma as head, was tasked with tracking down the source of salacious rumors concerning adultery within the Mormon elite and squashing said rumors. John C. Wreck-it Bennett becomes too brazen with his propositions of polygamous relationships and must be excised from Church leadership. We begin to see the fracturing of the relationship between Jo and Bennett unfold.


Mormon Enigma by Newell and Avery

Bennett’s brothel in Nauvoo

Bennett, the ‘Lucifer’ of early Mormonism

JosephSmithsPolygamy on Bennett

Rise and Fall of Bennett

John Bennett and Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Addressing the Question of Reliability

Bennett, Saintly Scoundrel

Witch ointments and aphrodisiacs by J. Muller

Bennett’s alleged abortions in Nauvoo

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