August 17, 2018

Episode 116 – The Tongue is an Unruly Member

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On this episode, we take a bird’s eye overview of everything happening in 1842 and spend a bit of time focusing on the immediate fallout of Bennett’s public and vitriolic departure from the Church. We review some headlines covering the political movements of Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Mormonism, briefly discuss his ever-expanding financial profile, and try to assess the massive fallout and cover-up campaign crafted to keep the practice of polygamy as acceptable for only the uppermost elites, while publicly denying that the practice even exists. Jo and Newell K. Whitney give some weird talks to the Relief Society about holding their tongues and not faulting the leadership for “err[s] in judgement”.


John C. Bennett biography

History of the Saints

Bennett prior to Nauvoo

Relief Society Minutes

Ezekiel 14

Warsaw Signal 1842

“Joe Smith’s New Peeping Stone”

Life and Contributions of Newell K. Whitney

NaMo Home Evening

Zelph on the Shelf

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