November 16, 2018

Episode 129 – Bennett Meltdown Part 6: Sarah Ann Whitney

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On this episode, we begin with a letter Emma Smith wrote to Governor Thomas Carlin reasoning and pleading for exoneration of her husband. Then we get into the complicated and controversial nature of a letter Joseph Smith wrote to his old friends, the Whitney family. We discuss the polygamous marriage of Sarah Ann Whitney to Joseph Smith in July 1842 and how it provides context for the letter to the entire Whitney family.


JS letter to Whitneys

JS Journal Dec 1841-Dec 1842

Emma Smith to Governor Carlin

Joseph Smith, John C. Bennet, and the Extradition Attempt, 1842

Sarah Ann Whitney

Sarah Ann Whitney Biography

Michael Marquardt The Strange Marriages of Sarah Ann Whitney to Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet

Did Joseph Smith have sex with his wives?

Michael Quinn The Newel K. Whitney Family

Joseph Smith’s letter to the Whitney Family

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