December 21, 2018

Episode 134 – Bennett Meltdown Part 10: @OrsonHydeYoWife

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On this episode, the election of 1842 has far-reaching consequences. We begin with a number of people getting sick in Nauvoo, then discuss the various meetings held to carry out the bankruptcy proceedings of prominent Nauvoo Mormons and all the drama with “lost” letters. Then we get into what the newly-elected representatives of Illinois had planned to attempt curtailing the political power and corruption in Nauvoo. William Smith opposes. After that, we go on a lightning round to finish out 1842 so we can begin 1843 in 2019 with a clean slate.


Times & Seasons Autumn 1842

Nauvoo Politics EoM

History of Illinois by Thomas Ford

Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde Smith Smith Hyde

‘Crazy’ Willey Smith

Orson Pratt in Nauvoo

List of Joseph Smith’s Wives

JS Journal Dec 1841-1842

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