February 8, 2019

Episode 141 – Plight of the Unwed Mother

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On this episode, I bother all of you with a Facebook fight. Yes, really. Don’t worry, it’s just to springboard into the controversial issue of abortion in Nauvoo Mormonism. We read through a court document from March 1843 of a woman who suffered abuse at the hands of a Thomsonian herbal physician after he gave her ergot and injected cayenne pepper into her veins. Then we opine on the plight of women in 19th-century America. The outro includes a brief conversation with Kimberly Anderson, the featured guest of our next NaMo Home Evening!


Dana v. Brink March 1843

1831 Thomsonian Family Vegetable Medicine

William Bicking Brink

Charles Root Dana


Albert Hoffman LSD-25

Smith-entheogen Theory

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