February 21, 2019

Episode 143 – Kinderhoax Plates

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On this episode, Joseph Smith is a fraud. We discuss two occurrences in Nauvoo which prove that Jo didn’t have access to any knowledge that people of his day did. First is the Greek Psalter incident where a guy proved that Jo had no idea what language was on the parchment. After that is the entirety of the Kinderhook Plates incident, which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jo unabashedly knew he was a fraud. These incidents, coupled with the Book of Abraham in early 1842, reveal Jo to be the liar he was.


Henry Caswell “Three Days At Nauvoo” Greek Psalter expose

Greek Psalter MormonThink article

Henry Caswell: Anti-Mormon Extraordinaire

Hugh Nibley The Myth Makers (1961)

May 30, 1843 New York Herald signed “A Gentile”

Kinderhook Plates FAIRMormon article

Kinderhook Plates MormonThink Article

Improvement Era Aug 1961

1981 Kinderhook Plate article

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