March 21, 2019

Episode 147 – First They Came

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On this episode, Governor Ford’s hands are tied. Sheriffs Reynolds and Wilson, who’d arrested Joseph Smith, appeal to the Governor to call out the state militia to rein in Jo. The Mormons sign petitions calling on the Governor to never issue a warrant for arrest on any Mormons ever again. The Mormons collect a packet of affidavits and statements to be sent to Governor Ford, attempting to obstruct the wheels of justice from grinding up the Prophet. After that, Jo has a curious little meeting with some Potawatomie Chiefs and then calls Orson Hyde on a mission to Russia.


HoC vol 5 Ch 25

Sheriff Reynolds letter to the press

Family Stories from the Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson 1829 State of the Union Address

Joseph H. Jackson 1844 expose pamphlet

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