May 17, 2019

Episode 155 – Alexander Neibaur and Kabbalah

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On this episode, we pick up with a European convert who made his way to Nauvoo in 1841. Alexander Neibaur was a “learned” man who was given to linguistic studies, dentistry, and esoteric Hebrew mysticism. Joseph Smith found a friend and fellow occultist in Neibaur and Mormon doctrine and theology exploded upon Neibaur’s arrival. We tell Neibaur’s story, give a brief overview of Kabbalah, and speculate on how Nauvoo theology was influenced by Kabbalah and Neibaur specifically.


Joseph Smith and the Kabbalah

Brief History of Neibaur

Neibaur Journal

Susa Young Gates biographical sketch of Alexander Neibaur

Usage of ‘Elohim’ in early Mormonism

“The Jews” by Alexander Neibaur circa July 1843

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