June 7, 2019

Episode 158 – The Very Walls Had Ears

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On this episode, we dive into the ubiquity of Nauvoo polygamy. Much has been made about Joseph Smith having multiple wives, but he wasn’t the only Nauvoo elite with more than one. Just how prevalent was the practice? How many participated? How many knew about the doctrine? How many plural marriages were formed prior to D&C 132 being committed to paper? What conclusions can we draw from the available data? Gary James Bergera’s article is a masterpiece in helping to understand the complexity of the tangled web of Nauvoo Polygamy.

Identifying the Earliest Mormon Polygamists by Gary Bergera

James Adams

Ezra T. Benson

Reynolds Cahoon

Joseph Coolidge

Howard Egan

William Felshaw

Deed to William Felshaw

William Huntington biography by Andrew Jensen

Joseph Kelting

Isaac Morley

Joseph Bates Noble

John Edward Page

Uncle John Smith

Theodore Turley

Lyman Wight

Edwin Woolley

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