July 5, 2019

Episode 162 – Walker v. Hoge; Political Chess

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On this episode, we discuss the controversial election of 1843. Jo had promised his vote, and by implication the Mormon voting bloc, to the Whig candidate and well-respected lawyer, Cyrus Walker. However, the Democrats held control of the state militia that represented a constant threat to the safety of Joseph Smith and the Mormons. Governor Thomas Ford pulled a dirty trick to get the Mormons to vote for the Democrat candidate, Joseph Hoge; a grand scheme was carried out to flip-flop the Mormon vote. When Hyrum Sidekick-Abiff Smith received a prophecy, the Lord had spoken, let all the world be silent. Back scratching and political favors negotiated behind closed doors rule the day.


The Prophet and the Presidency


Josiah Butterfield


Cyrus Walker


August 6, 1843 public speech


To Save the District for the Whigs


Warsaw Signal 2/14/44


Warsaw Signal 2/21/44


History of Hancock County by Thomas Gregg


History of Illinois by Thomas Ford


Quincy Whig 1843


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