July 12, 2019

Episode 163 – Live and Die by the Law

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On this episode, we discuss the Law family. From Jo’s personal counselor in the Church presidency, aide-de-camp in the Nauvoo Legion, registrar of the University of Nauvoo, and general Mormon eliteness to one of the most powerful and outspoken critics of Joseph Smith and Mormonism; William Law has an interesting story in the Church and left behind a ton of documentation that is crucial and invaluable to historians today. We get to know him, his wife Jane, and his brother Wilson in this episode and then discuss what changed.


William Law Biography

Wilson Law Biography

JS Reflections and Blessings

William Law grain and sawmill

William Law-chaired Court Martial

Deed from JS/ES to William Law

Council of Fifty Minutes

D&C 124

History of the Saints by John C. Bennett

An Interview with William Law

3 letters from William Law

Joseph H. Jackson 1844 expose

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