July 19, 2019

Episode 164 – Blade, Nor Bullet, Nor Poison Can Harm Them

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On this episode, we start with discussing whether or not Emma Smith poisoned Joseph Smith. If she didn’t, who did? If it wasn’t poison, what could it have been? Is there enough evidence to conclude that Emma attempted to kill her first husband? After that we discuss the Christmas party of 1843 at the Nauvoo Mansion when a drunk, Missouri-lookin’ guy comes in and crashes the party. Joseph Smith gives a revelation that came true: “I prophesy, in the name of the Lord, that you—Orrin Porter Rockwell—so long as ye shall remain loyal and true to thy faith, need fear no enemy. Cut not thy hair and no bullet or blade can harm thee!”


Emma Smith Lore Reconsidered by Linda Newell

JS November 1843 journal

Jacob Bigelow 1822 Materia Medica

Helen Mar Kimball Smith Whitney Reminiscences

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