July 26, 2019

Episode 165 – Stone Rolling Through Fluid Morality

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On this episode, we discuss how fluid Joseph Smith’s morality and theology really was. We begin with his evolving perspective on slavery from pro-slavery to abolitionist when it was politically advantageous. Then we discuss how Mormonism was strictly monogamous to closeted polygamous when possible. Then Jo goes from socialist when he was poor to capitalist when he was filthy rich. A few court cases reveal Jo’s abuse of power and fluid sense of morality. We discuss Finch & Rollosson grocer and the ultimate result of John Finch’s affiliation with the Mormons.


Five Times Mormons Changed Their Position on Slavery

Mosiah 2

Alma 50

Alma 27

Alma 48

Messenger & Advocate on Abolitionism

JS Presidential Campaign Pamphlet

D&C 101 Monogamy Revelation

What Does the Book of Mormon Say About Polygamy

D&C 132

United Firm

4 Nephi

Nauvoo City Council Minute Book 1841-1845

JS discourse against socialism

Amos Davis

Nov 1842 Nauvoo v. Davis

John Finch

William Rollosson

State of Illinois v. Finch

Finch habeas corpus petition

Finch summary execution

Memorial to the United States

Mentioned in “C” segment


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