August 2, 2019

Episode 166 – Joseph Smith’s POTUS Platform & Latter-day Lesbian

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On this episode, we read Jo’s POTUS campaign pamphlet. On Jan. 29, 1844, JS was nominated for President of the United States. What immediately followed was his calling for various church leaders to canvass high population areas to electioneer and commissioning William W. Phelps to write out his campaign platform. We read it top to bottom and discuss the historical importance and context for each paragraph. After that we’re joined by Mary and Shelly of Latter-day Lesbian Podcast to talk about their show and do a FUMPOTD. Check out their show in the links below. Also, if you’re in the SLC area or are going to Sunstone Symposium this weekend, come hang out at Club 90 this Friday 8/2/19! (link below)

JS 1844 Presidential Campaign Pamphlet

Latter-day Lesbian Podcast


Club 90 hangout

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