August 9, 2019

Episode 167 – The Next Mormons with Jana Riess and Benjamin Knoll

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On this episode, we take a break from our historical timeline to bring you a very exciting interview with Jana Riess and Benjamin Knoll. Jana Riess is the author of the book “The Next Mormons” and Benjamin Knoll is the data scientist who helped create the survey an interpret the data which underlies the book. We discuss a chapter-by-chapter Q&A about the book and explore ways to interpret the data, as well as how it was interpreted for publication in the book itself. On a personal note, this book comes very highly recommended and if you’ve heard anything about the book I can almost guarantee it’s been a good review because The Next Mormons is one of the most important books of the 2010s. It’s my sincere hope that after listening to this interview you get a copy for yourself. Enjoy!

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