August 16, 2019

Episode 168 – Council of Fifty Pt. 1 William Clayton

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On this episode, we begin our deep-dive series into the Council of Fifty. Joseph Smith’s theocracy required organizational structure; the Council of Fifty is how he planned on implementing it. William Clayton was called as scribe for the Council and we discuss his life and role in early Mormonism. Clayton’s journals have been a source of controversy and clandestine institutional secrecy for over a century and a half. We dive into why that is, the journals he kept, and the inner-workings of the controversy. This episode is a classic Naked Mormonism deep-dive and the length was required to do the issue proper justice. We have a quick guest appearance from Sandra Tanner to discuss the lawsuit filed by Andrew Ehat in the early 1980s.


Council of Fifty Minutes

Council of Fifty Minutes press release

William Clayton

Andrew Ehat v. Tanners

Andrew Ehat v. Tanners conclusion

An Intimate Chronicle; the Journals of William Clayton by George D. Smith

James Allen/George Smith exchange

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