September 6, 2019

Episode 171 – Horse Thief Daniel Avery

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On this episode, we begin with discussing the arrest and extradition to Missouri of Mormon horse-thief Daniel Avery. He suffers for 2 weeks in a Missouri jail and is let off on a writ of habeas corpus to return to Nauvoo and swear out an affidavit detailing what happened. The Anti-Mormon political party becomes more aggressive in its opposition to Mormon political power and the Nauvoo City Council responds with enacting an ordinance which would allow them to arrest any officer of the law attempting to arrest a Mormon and throw them in prison for life. The Anti-Mormon party reacts in outrage and drafts their own resolution to run any Mormons out of Carthage and Warsaw, as well as send a copy of the new Nauvoo ordinance to the Governors of Missouri and Illinois. We wrap the episode with briefly discussing last week’s episode and some listener mail.


Carthage Conspiracy

Daniel Avery

Warsaw Signal

Warsaw Signal Archives

Nauvoo Neighbor 12/23/43


March for the Children Oct. 5, 2019

John Whitmer Historical Association Conference

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