September 23, 2019

Episode 173 – Emma’s My Hero

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On this episode, we check in with Emma and her slipping grasp on power. She kicks out of the Nauvoo Mansion the Partridge sisters, the Lawrence sisters, and Jane Manning James to hopefully cut down on the rumors circulating the city. Orsimus F. Bostwick files a public complaint against Hyrum Sidekick-Abiff Smith and claims “half a bushel of meal” will get him any prostitute he wants in Nauvoo. An anonymous poem is published about Celestial Marriage. W. W. Phelps responds with “The Voice of Innocence from Nauvoo” and it’s read to the first meeting of the Relief Society of 1844. Emma chastises her counselors telling them to keep an eye on their daughters.


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The Voice of Innocence from Nauvoo

Eliza Partridge

Emily Partridge

Buckeye’s Laments by Gary Bergera

Buckeye’s Lamentation for Want of More Wives poem

Joseph hiding polygamy

Nauvoo Relief Society minutes

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