November 7, 2019

Episode 180 – Mormons v. Carthaginians

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On this episode, a fight breaks out between the Carthaginians and the Mormons of Nauvoo. Olive Amanda Smith Fullmer filed an affidavit charging her partner, Milton Cook, with bastardy (abandonment) and the Mormon Sheriff, Horace Eldridge, is granted a warrant for Cook’s arrest. When Eldridge arrives in Carthage, he’s confronted by the citizens and unable to serve the warrant. He returns to Nauvoo and gathers a posse of Nauvoo Legionnaires, including Stephen Markham, to descend on Carthage and affect the arrest once and for all. The ensuing confrontation creates chaos and pandemonium and the local media outlets battle it out in print for determining what actually happened.

Check out the updated Smith-entheogen theory paper here!


Olive Amanda Fullmer Smith

Milton Cook

Quincy Whig

Warsaw Message Jan 1844

Stephen Markham

Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy by Merina Smith

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