February 7, 2020

Episode 193 – King Follett pt. 1 The Man

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On this episode, we begin our series about King Follett and the discourse named after him. Who is he? What discourse did he write? Why does every Mormon know the name but not the guy? Very little documentation of his life survives to this day, however, fragmentary evidence has been pieced together to form a biography of King Follett which follows him through the life and times of the Follett family in the early Mormon church under Joseph Smith’s leadership. This series will discuss the man behind the discourse and the theological treatise given at his funeral known as “The King Follett Discourse”. Part one examines the lives of the Folletts from birth, to joining the church, to their life in Missouri, ending with King Follett locked in a Missouri jail while his family made the trip to Quincy, Illinois through the winter of 1838-39.


The Man Behind the Discourse: The Biography of King Follett by Joann Follett Mortensen

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