February 28, 2020

Episode 195 – King Follett Discourse pt. 3 A Legend that Never Dies


On this episode, now that we know the man behind the discourse, let’s finally discuss the King Follett Discourse. This is widely known as one of Joseph Smith’s greatest theological sermons culminating 14 years of an evolving and expanding doctrine. From the days of early Mormonism, based on the Book of Mormon and basic Protestant tenets, Joseph Smith had vacuumed up and acquired many fields of philosophy and religious studies and harmonized them with his own. The King Follett Discourse articulated the deepest points of his latest version of Mormon doctrine and taught mysteries which we kept secret from most by 1844. The long-term impact of this discourse has set Mormon doctrine into a class of its own and generated decades of speculative theology from generations of Mormon scholars and historians.


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Worlds Without End: The Cosmological Theodicy of Brigham Young by James Chase Kirkham

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