February 28, 2020

Episode 196 – Joseph Smith Assassination Plot


On this episode, we examine the times around General Conference of April 1844. Yes, the King Follett Discourse had been given, among many other interesting talks, but what was going on that may have contributed to it falling out of grand recognition we give it today? We examine the concomitant events of scandal after scandal burning the emptying fuel of the outrage machine. The Higbees, Fosters, and Laws create some problems for the prophet, most notably, they devise an assassination plot for Joseph Smith. Another man, Augustine Spencer, refused arrest by the city marshal, John P. Greene, and Charles A. Foster, one of the conspirators, draws a pistol on Joseph in broad daylight. With everything going on, it’s no wonder the King Follett Discourse wasn’t more noticed at the time it was given.


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