March 6, 2020

Episode 197 – Fostered Dissent


On this episode, we talk about the Fosters, Robert D. and Charles A. Who are they? Why are they important? What did they do? Charles Foster, unfortunately, is a rather obscure historical figure. His brother Robert, however, figures prominently in the Mormon kingdom of Nauvoo from its inception. We talk about the growing divide between Joseph Smith and Robert D. Foster as the Nauvoo church expanded and grew until Charles Foster pulls a pistol on the prophet in broad daylight. What does it all mean?

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Robert D. Foster

Charles A. Foster

Robert Foster Duty assignment

Nauvoo Legion roles

Nauvoo v. Davis for slander

JS Discourse 21 February 1843

Memorial to Congress signed by Charles and Robert Foster

Illinois v. Colton

Council of Fifty Minutes

JS 1844 Nauvoo Journal

One Man’s Nauvoo by James B. Allen

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