April 17, 2020

Episode 203 – Illinois-Mormon War of Extermination


On this episode, we examine the immediate impact and fallout of the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor. The media throughout Illinois explodes at the overt act of Mormon tyranny and fascism. Joseph Smith is arrested by a constable from Carthage on a warrant issued by a judge from Carthage, but he dodges a hearing at the Carthage courthouse by holding his own kangaroo court hearing in Nauvoo. He exchanges letters among various church leaders all over Illinois. Meanwhile, the anti-Mormons in Carthage and Warsaw hold various meetings in reaction to every development in Nauvoo and pass resolutions in response. A “war of extermination” is inevitable and imminent. Both groups funnel affidavits, letters, and resolutions to the office of Governor Thomas Ford who seeks to balance the desires and fury of both groups while maintaining peace in his state.


History of Illinois by Governor Thomas Ford

JS 1844 Nauvoo Journal

Nauvoo City Council Minutes

Warsaw Signal Archives

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