April 24, 2020

Episode 204 – Joseph H. Jackson and Nauvoo Bogus


On this episode, we take the opportunity to examine an enigmatic figure of Nauvoo Mormon history, Joseph H. Jackson. He visited the settlement in late 1842 where he was branded a Missouri spy and a Danite attempted to assassinate him. From that point forward he vowed revenge on the man responsible for nearly taking his life, Joseph Smith. Jackson ingratiated himself into the highest ranks of Nauvoo leadership and even participated in multiple secretive Danite missions to Missouri to break Porter Rockwell out of prison and kidnap two people who were set to testify against Joseph Smith in a Missouri court hearing. Jackson’s chief source of income during 1843-44 was manufacturing bogus coins (counterfeit) and his story is stranger than fiction as he himself stands as a wonderful personification of counterfeit. We discuss his dealings, misdealings, and maneuvers which illustrate a strong sense of self-preservation.


Joseph H. Jackson June 1844 expose

Council of Fifty Minutes

Lucy Mack Smith Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith

Thomas Ford’s History of Illinois

HoC volume 6

Nauvoo City Council Minutes

JS 1844 journal

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