May 1, 2020

Episode 205 – An Inevitable Riot and a Sham Trial


On this episode, Joseph Smith again heads to the courts charged with riot along with 17 other Mormon elites. Whether or not this Nauvoo Municipal Court hearing would carry any weight would forecast the actions of the Mormon leadership following it. None of the victims of the crime (destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor printing press) were allowed to testify, insuring this was a kangaroo court which began the trial with the conclusion already in mind. After the hearing Jo spends the rest of the day issuing orders and writing or receiving letters while his bois took affidavits about the movements of the anti-Mormons in the surrounding settlements. Jo intercepts a message stating the dissenters were planning on destroying the press of the Nauvoo Neighbor that night and he sets the Nauvoo Legion out on an overnight guard of his home and the Neighbor printing office. Then we discuss a little-known artifact of Mormon history, a very special little journal that William Clayton (Quilliam Claypen) recorded for a short period during this chaotic time of Nauvoo Mormonism.


Appendix 4 William Clayton Daily Account

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