May 8, 2020

Episode 206 – I’d’ve Gone West and Raised A Mightier People


On this episode, the chaos following the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor continues to escalate. Joseph Smith calls together a military parade as a show of force to any enemies in the city where he gives his final public speech as first Prophet of Mormonism. Jo’s cronies are active in collecting affidavits concerning the movements of the Illinois militias near Mormon settlements. Whether or not they’re true is hard to tell but daily extras flowing from the antagonistic Warsaw Signal give some credence to some of the allegations. Governor Thomas Ford eventually makes his way to Carthage to figure out just what was going on. We spend a bit of time discussing the conflict from Governor Ford’s History of Illinois and use that to consider the many conflicting interests involved in the coming Illinois-Mormon War.


Last Public Address of Lieutenant General Joseph Smith

History of Illinois by Governor Thomas Ford

Warsaw Signal archive

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