May 15, 2020

Episode 207 – “His Blood Would Be Shed”


On this episode, Governor Thomas Ford is finally in town and he’s here to sort out the entire mess between the Mormons in Nauvoo and the anti-Mormons in Carthage. Meetings, letters, and affidavits are brought to Ford to inform him of the situation from both sides of the escalating conflict and he makes a judgement call: Joseph Smith, we’re going to arrest you and if you resist it means war. Ford details the facts he’s learned of the situation and his judgment of the events in a letter to Joseph Smith and Jo replies telling Governor Ford that he’s sadly misinformed by anti-Mormon propaganda. Jo tells the Mormons that the Governor isn’t on their side and that a war is imminent; he prepares by ordering the Nauvoo Legion to build temporary battle camps and dig defensive trenches around the city.


Warsaw Signal

History of Illinois by Governor Thomas Ford

Nauvoo City Charter

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