May 29, 2020

Episode 209 – “We Will Be Reconciled to Our Fate”


On this episode, Joseph Smith crossed the Mississippi to go into hiding from Governor Ford’s arrest order. Emma and his friends blast him for cowardice and he agrees to finally surrender saying “[i]f my life is of no value to my friends, it is of none to myself.” Joseph and Hyrum decide to go “like lambs to the slaughter” expecting to be “butchered” by the anti-Mormons waiting for them in Carthage. However, on their journey to Carthage, they meet Captain Dunn of the Illinois Militia, holding an order from Governor Ford for the Nauvoo Legion to surrender their state-provided arms and cannons. Jo accompanies Captain Dunn to ensure compliance with the order, running out the clock on Ford’s arrest order. Finally, Jo and Hyrum, along with 16 other offenders, enter Carthage to surrender at 5 minutes to midnight on June 24th, 1844. The anti-Mormons among the Illinois Militia there celebrate this small victory.


History of Illinois by Governor Thomas Ford


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